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Wedding Receptions - Function Room Layout

(Feel free to browse, but under construction - contact the Club Secretary for information as all services may not yet be available )

Photos of Room Layout - Previous Layouts

More Photos of other Room Layouts

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The Layout of the room can be configured to suit your requirements.

We show here some typical layout options that can be done with our Chairs and Tables. They have been positioned to enable the Caterer to serve food where appropriate.

If there are no special requirements needed the room will be set out in it's "default layout" . This will keep the dance floor clear and give the maximum number of seats.

If you wish to design your own layout, see below for the dimensions of the room, fixed seating, also the number of tables and chairs that are moveable.

Please choose an option and discuss with the Caterer.


Telephone the Secretary

0161 973 3184