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Wedding Reception

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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What Rooms can I hire ?

There are 2 Rooms that Can be Hired . The Main Concert room is our Function Room . The other is our "L" Lounge. Both Rooms or either can be hired for the day. The Lounge seats around 60

2) How many guests are allowed in the Main Function Room ?

The maximum number is 110

3) Do you allow more than one event per day ?

We do not allow more than one wedding reception in the evening but we reserve the right to hold other events in the morning or afternoon. The Club however would ensure the time between events would allow for Room Cleaning in ample time before the agreed Wedding Reception Hire Time.

4) Is it possible to only rent the venue, without the catering service ?

It is possible to hire the Venue without the catering service but under no circumstances can food not purchased on the premises be consumed.

5) Do you have your own Caterer / Kitchen ?

Yes, we do have own Caterer / Kitchen

C&C Catering

6) What type of Cuisine do you Offer ?

The Caterer can provide a wide range of Menus to suit the individual requirements and Budget.

7) Can I bring my own wedding cake? Is there a surcharge ?

Yes your own wedding cake can be brought in. If any requirements are wanted with regard to Cutting Service, Cake Stands, Plates etc the Caterer will be pleased to discuss this with you.

8) Can we use our own - Photographer,Videographer, Master of Ceromonies, Bagpiper, DJ etc ?

Yes but the Hirer is responsible for their actions just as if they were their guest.9) Can we view the room

You can view the room most times the Club is open. The best way would be to ring the Club before you come to make sure it's not in use.

10) Can we set up a Tab ?

Yes, this can be done in several ways: If you just want to pay for the first drink then inform the Steward and when everybody has had a drink he will let you know and you can settle up.

If you want to set a limit this can also be done by informing the Steward. When the amount is close to the limit you will be informed. At this point you either settle up or if you wish to increase the limit just inform the Steward.

However you wish to set it up an itemised bill will be available.

11) Can I pay by Debit Card ?

Yes, we have a Debit Card Machine which can be used to pay for Tabs etc. It cannot be used to pay for single or rounds of drinks unless a charge per transaction of £1 is paid. (this is the cost we are charged by our bank for this facility).

10) Can I pay by Credit Card ?

No we do not have this facility

12) Do you offer any other Wedding Services ?


As well as the food Catering - our in House Caterer , C&C Catering offers other services which can be discussed :-

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Telephone the Secretary

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(under construction - contact the club for information)