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Back buisness people . Business and Corporate Hire

If your company would like to hold a meeting, training day etc in our function room we can provide the following services.


Wi-Fi Connection - Click for small Print

Just bring along your Laptop and key in a simple code to connect to the Internet.

(ask for code behind Bar)



at sign ..............................http logo


Projector Screen

There is a large pull down projection screen that can be used to project Slides and Transparencies.




Power Point Presentations

The room has a built in projector suspended from the ceiling with a lead that can be plugged into your Laptop. This can be displayed on our projector screen giving exceptional clarity,






The tables can be configured to suit your requirements



Refreshments and Food

Breakfast, Lunch, Buffet, Coffee - Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.




We also have a seperate meeting room wth a conference table. This would be suitable for smaller private meetings that seats around 12 people. Contact the Club Secrtary to see if it's available.