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Function Rooms—Conditions of Hire

1)  The club will at it’s discretion hire out the function rooms for the use of members, non members and their guests.

2) Applications for the hire of the function rooms must always be made with the Secretary or in his absence through the Treasurer.

3) Bar facilities will be available during normal licensing hours only.

4) The person hiring the room must pay the full cost of the hire at the time of booking.

5) A returnable £100 cash Bond is to be paid at the time of the booking, this bond will not be returned on the day of the hire. This is to

give time for the room to checked. The Bond will cover any minor damages caused or any additional costs incurred (for example extra cleaning ).

If damages incur costs greater than the Bond the Hirer must pay full compensation to put the matter right.

6) Cancellation Charges:

Notice of cancellation must be given in writing to the Secretary.

The following charges will apply:

Two Months before the event : Full Refund

 Less than Two Months before the event - NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN

7) The maximum number of people that can be accommodated is 100 ( regulated by Fire Regulations)

8) The Hirer will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Club’s property, caused by their guests during the period of hire and for their guests behaviour.

9) Children will only be admitted on the basis that at all times they are under strict parental control and on the condition that they are not allowed into the Games room, on or around the Bowling green.

10) The dress code for all the Club will be strictly applied " Smart Casual " Any person not conforming may be asked to leave the premises.

11) The Hirer must provide their music system by prior agreement with the Secretary. The club can advise on suitable Disco’s and entertainers.

12) The Caterer will be pleased to quote for catering for any occasion, small or large. All food requirements / contracts are made with the Caterer and not the Sale Conservative Club. No food or snacks can be brought in the Club that have not been purchased from out Caterer or over the Bar.


Special arrangements can be made with the Steward for Welcoming Drinks and Toasts.


Please always check for up to date Information and Hire Charges at time of Booking. (always ring the club to do this)