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Bingo is played

Monday & Thursday Evenings

Starts 8:00 pm or 8:30 pm

Depending on time of Year


Usual Combinations to buy :-

Books with 8 Games

Flyers         2 Games

Costs are subject to Changes periodically therefore these are for guidance

Total Cost £5.50 (Full Sheets)




Book with 8 Games

Flyers        2 Games

Total Cost £3.50 (Half Sheets)


(Each Game played is a Line then followed by a House)


Super Flyer of 1 Game

Cost £1 (Full Sheet)

 (Played as 1 Line, 2 Lines then a House)


£££  Snowball, minimum of £50 on last Game  £££


Also if you fancy a flutter  

Lucky Numbers Game 25p per number